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Presentation of project management areas

Project Management Office (PMO)

Our integrated and comprehensive model caters for the small, medium and enterprise-level organizations. The approach is a tailored solution, with a precision-based PMO, that is also scalable based on cost, resources and primary deliverables.

PMO Approach

  • We offer a three-tiered PMO model, from the administrative function PMO, to the enterprise fully scaled. 

  • Our clients include insurance, technology, banking and telecommunications

  • In today's agile-based organisations, a T-short sized approach to PMO services allows B.I. To tailor the PMO set up based on the organisational requirements. A dynamic approach allows organisations to remain fluid and strategic in setting up its PMO model.

  • PMO-Roadmap is a fundamental prerequisite in understanding how the approach will be set up and deployed in your organisation.



  • Project, Programme and PMO Delivery

  • Extensive resources, years of experience and proven ability to deliver well against business priorities.

  • Founded on experience from the delivery of large-scale programmes, coupled with robust and adaptive delivery frameworks, we provide clear, consistent leadership with a constant eye on progress and performance.



  • Transformation and Major Projects

  • The experience, track record and infrastructure to get your initiative off the ground, mobilised and executed.

  •  The need to drive and steer major change is not a new concept. Organisations face increasing amounts of pressure to cultivate innovation, efficiency and growth, yet, the tangible benefits of business transformation projects often fall short of being effective.



  • Transformation Programme Management Office

  • Driving the execution of critical programmes and projects to deliver complex change.

  •  A Transformation Programme Office allows organisations to focus on core business and deal with today’s change whilst setting up the necessary infrastructure to guide and govern integrated programmes and projects to implement tomorrow’s change.



  • Managed Services

  • Providing a scaled model comprising of agility, capability, with a setup and managed service model.

  • We have seasoned personnel with 30 years’ experience in the technology space, across a widespread in FSI and industries.

  • PMO in the could -PMO on-demand service. An innovative PMO model where we offer a peak service PMO, comprises of on-demand resources, fully flexible allowing zou to scale up and down. You can spin up and spin down resources.



  • PMO As A Service

  • We rapidly mobilise your PMO and provide a managed service.

  •  We work across a broad range of industry sectors and can provide support during peaks of work, or run entire PMOs, programmes and projects for you on a per-service fee. The so called PMO cookbook, allowing a PMO menu services delivered to your organisation.

  • PMO service desk-We offer a PMO service desk consultancy, whereas with service desk model we offer you in house and virtual based consulting services, In house or in virtual PMO setup, offsetting a typical heavy set up model.


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