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Your trusted Digital Asset Platform for both private and public market
BI white label digital Asset Platform is a trust technology providing an end to end capital management ecosystem - a bridge between the traditional finance sector and blockchain to democratizing private market asset through digital issuance and liquefaction



Underpinned by distributed ledger technology , our blockchain protocol meets international digital asset standard.


Our platform meets global regulatory compliance include Asia, UK, Europe and the US


Fast and secured with a settlement time of 6,500 transactions per sec. SHA256 hash encryption with AES-GCM and Bcrypt for database encryption

Our Eco-system enables you to raise fund faster and in compliance with jurisdiction requirements

Our issuer platform has been recognized as a global provider for digital asset services and passed a security audit from Science Soft

We collaborates with Digital Authorities such as Global Digital Finance to drive financial innovations and adoption of favorable legislation, develop standards for ethics and operating excellence

Our Compliance - in compliance with local and international jurisdiction

We consult and cooperates with governments and industry-leading organisations to create a clear regulatory framework for security tokens, payment tokens and other virtual

Our Platform allows you to trade in the Defi collected eco-system, Primary and Secondary exchanges

Our Technology uses enhanced Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology has quantum secure consensus mechanism. Secured and tamper-proof

Our people comprises of world’s leading technology, financial, legal, brand reputation experts

Our Experience 

Real Estate
Private Fund
Club Membership
Hotels & Resorts   


Benefits of Digital Asset

  • Improve liquidity

  • Expand the investible universe and create fractional ownership that provides options for better portfolio optimization

  • Easily manage cap tables on a real time basis to reduce operating and reporting costs

  • Programme legal obligations into digital assets to ensure only eligible parties participate

  • Automation reduces the need for middlemen, less fees and faster transaction speed

  • 24/7

Benefits for Investors

  • Digital shares

  • Cost-effective

  • Transferable shares

  • Rapid settlement

  • Ability to trade on the secondary market

Our solution - A comprehensive monetisation solution include consultancy, legal framework, technical, marketing, primary listing and secondary trading assistance

Our people -Leading Industry experts in the field of tokenization, digital assets, technology, finance , legal, brand reputation and marketing

Our Technology - Using blockchain and advanced technology tools encrypted. Secured and tamper-proof

Our Compliance - in compliance with local jurisdiction and regulatory requirements with the ability for multijurisdictional compliance structuring

Our Investor Community - Access to Investor Community and Defi eco-system

Client's ROI - low cost, high returns with an also immediate access to liquidity 
Our Turnkey solutions
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