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We areyourstewardfor



We have performed more than 20 successful turnaround


Average 18 months turnaround period with 3x growth


Leverage UAIME technique on risk mitigation


Secured over USD1b in funding for clients


Venture Capital, Private Equity and Portfolios Managers

As a Strategic Advisor to nurture and propel their portfolio companies towards sustainable growth and value creation

Aligning portfolio companies’ strategies with the fund’s overall investment thesis and growth objectives

our ecosystem &



Founders & Entrepreneurs

Transforming idea into a thriving enterprise.

Our seasoned experts provide strategic guidance, access to resources, and implement innovative strategies to drive sustainable expansion and growth


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

We specialise  in revitalise  SMEs, infusing fresh perspectives, cutting-edge technologies and data-driven strategies to unlock full potential and drive strategic expansion, fostering innovation and future-proofing your operations


Access to Capital Resources

We have forged strategic collaborations with leading financial institutions, private equity and venture capital firms, family offices and philanthropy funds. These partnerships provide our clients with access to a comprehensive range of financing options tailored to their unique needs and growth aspirations.

How we can help

Interim & Crisis Management
Engage with key stakeholders to restore confidence and allow time to stabilize the business. We create a platform for recovery and build sustainable restructuring solutions.

Capital Raise and Deployment

Experiences in securing funding for private, private-public and development projects across Asia, Africa, Europe and The Middle East.


We partner with international advisors, private clients, development finance institutions, private institutional and corporate investors.  

Debt Capital Advisory
Help companies with all aspects of their debt capital structure by providing independent advice on restructuring, collateral assessments and refinancing alternatives.

Strategic Alternatives and Business Planning
Conduct strategic reviews of underperforming businesses and provide a clear evaluation of the available strategic options.

Operational Improvements
Identify operational drivers of inefficiency and develop programs to drive profitability.

Liquidity and Cash Management
Work with companies to improve their liquidity management through process improvement while identifying and implementing “quick wins” to provide time to enact business turnarounds.

Sustainability Consulting

We integrate sustainability strategy with client’s existing strategic initiatives, assess and coordinate with an intelligent approach to deliver a long term sustainable value to the company, its stakeholders and maximising the economic value of the company. 

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