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We areyourstewardfor



Over 15 years of experience as a trusted Advisor and Strategic Counsel to C Level Executives 


We have performed more than 20 successful turnaround


Average 18 months turnaround period with 3x growth


Leverage UAIME technique for business excellence 


Secured over USD1b in funding for clients

How we can help

In-house Advisor / Strategic Counsel

We partner our client and serve as a trusted advisor & strategic counsel, providing invaluable insights & perspectives, identify opportunities & risks, and execution support capabilities. Alignment with strategic initiatives with a focus in operational optimisation, cross-functional collaboration and execution 

Interim & Crisis Management
A comprehensive suite of services designed to provide organisations with strategic guidance, operational expertise and crisis response capabilities. Our seasoned executives are able to fill in critical leadership roles, stabilising  operations and restoring confidence among stakeholders

Capital Raise and Deployment

Experience in securing funding for private, private-public and development projects across Asia, Africa, Europe and The Middle East.


We partner with international advisors, private clients, development finance institutions, private institutional and corporate investors.  

Strategic Planning for New Market Entrance
We provide organisations with the insights, strategies and actionable plans needed to successfully navigate the complexities of new market entry and unlock growth frontiers. Our services encompass Market Opportunity Assessment, Entry Strategy Development, Regulatory and Cultural Adaption, Implementation Planning and Risk Mitigation Management. 

Liquidity and Cash Management
Work with companies to improve their liquidity management through process improvement while identifying and implementing “quick wins” to provide time to enact business turnarounds.

Sustainability Consulting

We integrate sustainability strategy with client’s existing strategic initiatives, assess and coordinate with an intelligent approach to deliver a long term sustainable value to the company, its stakeholders and maximising the economic value of the company. 

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