E-Governance and Digital Identity 

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Protect Your Assets with Our 
NextGen Distributed Ledger Technology
Award-winning Identity Verification Technology
Prevent Identity Fraud 
Protect Data Sovereignty
Eliminate Security Vulnerabilities   
Regulatory Compliance 
Seamless Authentication 
No DDoS Attack
Improve Operational efficiency 

Our Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Scaling identity verification using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Behavioral Biometrics

    Adaptive Authentication for a personalized and convenient user experience

  • Distributed Ledger

    Securing the future of Identity Authentication with Distributed Ledger

  • Face-Based Biometrics

    NextGen facial recognition for higher accuracy and security

  • Liveness Detection

    Put an end to face biometric spoofing with liveness detection feature

  • Optical Character Recognition 

    Improving the identity management system using OCR

  • Palm Based BioMetrics

    Providing a personalized, advanced, and more secure touch to the traditional authentication system.

  • Passwordless Authentication

    Creating a world without passwords and a future without data breaches

  • Zer0-Knowledge Proofs

    Revolutionizing the way data is collected, used, and transacted with

As a trusted identity sharing platform, We thrive to bring intelligence to identity.

Our global identity management platform, powered by AI and Blockchain offers secure and seamless onboarding, verification, and password-less authentication using pre-verified user information, resulting in extensive cost and time reduction


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