About Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewicz

Enabling Sustainable Value Creation; Enhanced Enterprise Performance and Fostering Resilience using Science. An advocate for equal opportunities, sustainable education, women’s empowerment and making the world a better place.”

Dr Christina is the Partner and Group Managing Director for BI Consulting Group, a business and technology consulting firm with a focus on business, digital transformation, and cybersecurity. She is also the founder of The Third Space, a Project for Good (www.the-thirdspace.com) and the author of "Fostering The Wisdom of Resilience". Most recently, she ventured into the “Next Generation AI Private Blockchain” and “Digital Workforce”, to help companies shift towards digitalization, secure and protect Data Sovereignty, and be ready for the Future of the Economy.


Christina is a business-performance psychologist, a senior business transformation leader with focus in sustainable resilient transformation, and specialise in strategic planning, agile operations excellence, business resilience, human capital, financial, risk and reputational management. She has more than 20 years of cross-function experience ranging from advisory, consulting, operations management, corporate turnaround, business development, marketing, public relations, finance, manufacturing, sales, fund rising, and culture resiliency within industries such as financial, consumer, retail, real estates, luxury lifestyle, food & beverage, technology, solar energy, wellness and alternate medical care.


Her work “UAIME” techniques have successfully transformed and turnaround many business projects including ‘deadlock’ ones in the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.  Her notable clients range from technology, science, solar energy, telecommunications, luxury lifestyle, fashion, real estate, consumer, food, and beverage industries.


  • Executed over 200 advisory and consulting projects

    • Strategized, Led, Implemented and Executed corporate restructures, business turnaround and expansion program in China and Asia with a positive turnover, increased the productivity level

    • Strategised, Led and Implemented agile organisational design and operating model, organsational resilience model, reputation and crisis management for businesses across Asia

    • Led & Executed M&A deals in Asia

    • Strategized, Led and Executed Luxury, Lifestyle, FMCG & F&B Brand Development and Management

    • Successfully raised a combination of >USD1billion capital for clients

  • 5 Business Ventures

  • Led and Mentored Start-Ups

  • Lead coach and mentor for HSBC-Millet Upstart founder program.

  • Formulated UAIME technique for business excellence and psychological wellbeing

  • Singapore’s first coach to formulate crisis management, career & personal transition coaching program called “celebrity coaching’ program during the 2008 Asian Financial Crisis



  • Corporate Restructure & Business Turnaround

  • Strategic Planning

  • Change Management

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Organisational Resilience Model

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • Reputational & Crisis Management

  • People Strategy

  • Fund Raising

  • Resilience and Psychological Wellbeing Program

Christina is no stranger to the press, media, government, celebrities, business group and the elite circles in Asia. Her “UAIME” technique and “Celebrity Coaching” program has helped many highflyers, business owners since the 2008 Asian Financial crisis. She was also the first consultant in Asia to launch the Solar Energy program in a school based in Singapore in 2011.

A believer in giving back, she raised funds for charities, provide pro-bono services to young entrepreneurs, support sustainable and women-led projects in Asia and UK. She is a Charter Member of ICOR and receives education from The Wharton School-University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University and Wesleyan University.


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