Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewicz

Revolutionise The Capital Market; Transforming the way how businesses raise and manage capital.
Decentralised Finance on the blockchain

A seasoned strategy, turnaround and transformation executive with over 20 years of experience in management consulting and corporate monetization strategy development. As a trusted adviser, I work with senior business leaders to turn complex problems, distressed business into clear winning strategies.


As the group managing director in BI Consulting and BiXCap, I am the driving force in the firm’s strategic initiatives and revenue generation. I oversee advisory, clients acquisition, project development, government relations, public relations, press & media, marketing, operations, finance and have expanded the firm’s presence across Asia, Europe, The Middle East and South Africa within 15 months.



  • Chief Corporate Affairs Officer / Group Chair (CyPSYCH) and a Policy Expert , at the Global Foundation of Cyber Security Studies & Research Think Tank Washington DC (GFCYber) where I provide strategic counsel to the group CEO and oversee marketing, public relations, public affairs, government relations and corporate donors.


  • An advocate in Wellbeing and Cyberspace Mental Wellbeing, I founded dR CLB - a knowledge hub dedicating to improving the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of people through education, empowerment, and community-based support.



  • Known for her UAMIE techniques and also the creator “Regenerative Sustainability for Mental & Wellbeing” a circularity model which is known as the next wave of sustainable wellbeing.


  • Holds a Doctorate of Business Administration in Management, is a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt practitioner, Charter Member of ICOR, and Association of British Business Psychology. Member of Stanford Philosophy, International Society for Performance Management, Social Psychology Network and NAHA. She receives education from The Wharton School-University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University and Wesleyan University.

Dr Christina is often featured in major business, technology, and social publications


  • BiXCap - integrated private placement - asset tokenisation - capital raise platform powered by blockchain

  • Formulated award-winning BI Digital and Cyber Security Safe solutions using Quantum technology with cryptographic technique and NextGen 3.0 hashing technology

  • Executed over 200 advisory and consulting projects

  • ​Successfully raised a combination of >USD1billion capital for clients

  • 5 Business Ventures

  • Led and Mentored Start-Ups

  • Lead coach and mentor for HSBC-Millet Upstart founder program.

  • Formulated UAIME technique for business excellence and psychological wellbeing

SERVICES : Advisory, Consulting, Operations Management 

EXPERTISE : Business Transformation, Corporate Restructure & Business Turnaround, Corporate Monetisation Strategy Development, Marketing & Public Relations, Reputational Management, , Organisational Resilience Model, People Strategy, Private Placement, Asset Tokenisation, Decentralised Finance