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Business Psychology


Helping organization thrives; navigate business using science


The current economic conditions have necessitated businesses to find new ways to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries, tighten their operations, and increasing their revenue streams whilst keeping expenses low. As enterprises strive to remain competitive, the management is engaged in numerous activities, where managers have multiple responsibilities. Psychology plays a critical role as most companies focus on increasing their market share, promoting their brand and customer satisfaction, and may end up forgetting the significant impact that employees have in achieving such goals.


BI’s business psychology framework uses in-house UAIME techniques combine with business and science-based methodologies and approaches covering the 5 core business competencies to help businesses boost growth.



























                                                                                      BI's Business Psychology Framework

Companies which have deployed our business psychology services can see a significant increase in productivity level, output, profit margin, cost-saving, a more resilient team, and with a better ‘brand reputation’ positioning. You will also see a significant reduction of absenteeism, fraud, and wastages.


Areas which we cover

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Due Diligence

Risk Assessment and Management

Employee Engagement & Development


Dr Christina is the lead partner for this practice and she is the creator of UAIME technique, which has helped improved many organizational capabilities and profitability. Interested to find out more? Reach out to Dr Christina Liang email

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