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Making illiquid assets more accessible and attractive to buyers.

Accelerating the exchange of value using blockchain


BI Digital Asset Tokenisation allows financial actors operating in private market to compliant, issue, transfer and manage securities using distributed ledger technology, enabling them to improve asset liquidity 

Benefits for Investors

Benefits of Tokenisation

  • Improve liquidity

  • Expand the investible universe and create fractional ownership that provides options for better portfolio optimization

  • Easily manage cap tables on a real time basis to reduce operating and reporting costs

  • Programme legal obligations into digital assets to ensure only eligible parties participate

  • Automation reduces the need for middlemen, less fees and faster transaction speed

  • 24/7

  • Digital shares

  • Cost-effective

  • Transferable shares

  • Rapid settlement

  • Trade on the secondary market

Transferability – Automation – Speed – Transparency

Asset-Backed Tokens - Security Tokens - Utility Token

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How we can help


Deal Structuring

- Legal Ownership
- Investor KYC and Compliance
- Accounting
- Investment Due Diligence


Asset Digitalisation

- Asset backed Security Tokenisation
- Smart contracts deployment


Primary Distribution

- A digital ROM
- Token are issued to investors


Post Tokenisation

- Smart contracts facilitate swift settlement
- Issuers retain control


Secondary Trading

- Liquidity through secondary market trading

Modern House

Real Estate
Private Fund
Club Membership


Fractional Ownership
Lease to Own 
Buy to Let

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Our Turnkey solutions
Our solution - A comprehensive solution include consultancy, legal framework, technical, marketing and secondary trading assistance

Our people -Leading Industry and legal experts in the field of tokenisation and digital assets 

Our Technology - Using blockchain and advanced technology tools encrypted with quantum cryptographic technology. Secured and tamper-proof

Our Compliance - in compliance with local jurisdiction and regulatory requirements with the ability for multijurisdictional compliance structuring

Our Investor Community - Access to Investor Community

Client's ROI - low cost, high returns with an also immediate access to liquidity