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We leverage science and technology to create sustainable values and transforming organizations into future proof smart corporations.

We partner with leaders and assist organizations across the private, public, and social sectors to tackle their enterprise challenges, achieve their vision, optimize performance, and productivity by leveraging technology and transform organizations into a digitally smart enterprise.

Reducing cost, Increase efficiency 



 On-Demand and Project Based 

Our diverse team of leading industry experts and consultants bring deep industry knowledge, functional expertise and processes in building capabilities that help organisations and people thrive.


Working Together


Our code denotes our respects for the law, individuals and our responsibilities to our clients. We are an ethics driven company internally, and this culture drives our client-based approach.


Our commitment in maintaining and promoting the world’s best practices around business integrity, values, trust and ethics. We are committed to deliver the best sustainable solutions, build a longstanding relationship based on mutual trust.


We are committed in providing a safe, inclusive work environment and we promote equal opportunities and equal pay to our people.


Our commitment to support communities by acting in a socially responsible manner, is our brand. We are involved in community programs and are committed to minimizing the impact of our business activity on the environment through an ongoing drive towards sustainability.

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The Team

BI's team consists of highly qualified advisers and experts with an average of 20+ years of experience across various corporate growth areas of Business Transformation, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Turnaround, Corporate Governance, Organisation Excellence, Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, Risk and Reputation Management. 

Our approach is unique - Science based principles + techniques & tools + methodology +industry experience

With over 100 consultants across Asia, Central Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.


Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewicz

Group Managing Director

Global Lead Growth & Client Partnership

Marek Boguszewicz

 Partner / Senior Adviser

Digital Transformation

Cyber Security

Kris Wiluard

Partner / Senior Adviser
Enterprise Risk Management
Risk Management & Analytics


Omar H.Nasser

Partner / Senior Adviser
Corporate Advisory
Merger & Acquisitions
Cyber Security

Ariel I. Victoria

Partner / Managing Director

Country - Philippines 


Business Transformation

Digital Transformation

Cyber Security 

Nick Bravery

Partner / Technical Director
Bangkok - Australia - HongKong

Digital Transformation

Enterprise Software Solutions

Ian Selbie

Senior Adviser

Fraud Analytics 

Fraud Investigation

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Morgan James Lee

Associate Director
Digital Transformation

Cyber Security

Carlyle Hussein

Senior Manager
Digital Transformation

Project Management Office

Chen Eng

Senior Manager
Enterprise Software &

BlockChain Solutions

Joanna Parker

Senior Consultant
Enterprise Risk Management

Celine Chong

Senior Associate
Marketing & Public Relations

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We Embrace Diversity

Be Part Of Our Group

We welcome industry professionals to join us as a partner / country partner / business development director in our Strategy, Consulting, Operations, Digital, Technology or Security division across the globe.

Leverage on our insights, in-depth industry knowledge, methodology and global network

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