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NextGen 3.0 DLT Technology 

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Saas Assessment Platform 

E-Governance and Digital Identity using NextGen DLT Technology can benefit society through greater transparency, enhanced security, and easier traceability

Our Saas Assessment platform help organizations identify and effectively mitigate information security risks that can affect the confidentiality, impact, and availability of their information assets.

Cybersecurity veteran: people in cyber feel like they are in a pressure cooker 24/7

Jurgita Lapienyte of cybernews speaks with our founders on how technology affects our mental health and what precautionary measures should we take

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In focus with Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewicz; Thrive Using Science by SkillFront


We talked to BI Consulting Group's Partner and Group Managing Director Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewic, a seasoned business transformation leader, a trusted C-level adviser, and one of the pioneers in Singapore and Asia to combine Science and Technology in transforming organizations into a Profitable, Resilient, and SMART Corporation.

“Using science, technology and business experiential knowledge in developing techniques to improve lives. An advocate for equal opportunities, sustainable education, women’s empowerment and making the world a better place.”

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A Country in Focus – The Philippines Digital Transformation in a Pandemic-Ridden World by Ariel Victoria and Marek Boguszewicz
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White Paper: The Fourth Revolution & Cyberspace's Mental Health Stigma 
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Opinion Paper: Digital Transformation and the Cyber Business Imperative by Marek Boguszewicz and Steven O' Sullivan 
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Our Philippines Managing Director, Ariel Victoria on Digital Transformation landscape in the Philippines  on 

Featured on international publications including Disrupt, FOX, CBS, NBC... read me

Global Top Expert : Marek Boguszewicz on Digital Transformation and Cyber Security

Story was featured on international publications including FOX, CBS, NBC ...

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Global Foundation of Cyber Studies and Research 


Our partners Dr Christina LB and Marek Boguszewicz are proud to be part of Global Foundation of Cyber Studies and Research Washington think tank as a policy expert. They will be working closely with policy makers, leaders and organization to mitigate cyber risk.


GFC is a non-profit organization and its mission is to study and research on cyberspace challenges and issues from the intersecting dimensions of policy and technology for the betterment of a globally-connected world.

For more information on GFC  or connect with us for more information.

BI Cyber Security

The Importance of Cyber Security for Modern Day Society


Over the years, the term Cyber Security has gained much importance and become a common part of each one’s life who is associated with a computer or a smart phone device. When people submit their data online, it becomes vulnerable to cyber-attacks or cyber-crimes.

The vast majority of vulnerabilities and attack vectors are due to escalated privilege attacks. Loss of data, DDOS, the man in the middle, clear text password violations are now better understood, but are still a major risk to organisations globally... read me

Thriving using science; and the importance of cyber security in modern society



Our partners DR Christina and Marek chatted with Leading Market Leaders & Entrepreneurs series on how they help to navigate business and drive changes using science, and explain why cybersecurity transformation is so critical for the modern world me


Private AI Blockchain 


Integrating Artificial Intelligence with

Blockchain Technology for

Enterprise Solutions 





Eliminate fraud

Reduce time and cost by 30%

Data Sovereignty

Business Conference

ADOPT & ADAPT: Why Companies Should Embrace Technology and Digital Transformation


Digital transformation has become the new norm, as reflected by the most current digital transformation statistics, marked by globally pervasive interconnectivity, digitization now plays a critical role in adding business value. Research & market analysis predicts that the global digital transformation market is expected to grow from US$ 445.4 billion in 2017 to US$ 2,279.4 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 24.3% between 2018 and me

Digital transformation, Concept of digit

Digital Identity: A Global Focus Point

Having a trusted, verifiable identity is essential. As digital interaction brings information online at an unprecedented rate, the data comprising our identities are being widely shared - creating both opportunities and vulnerabilities. If designed right, digital identities can provide countries with economic value equal to as much as 13% of GDP by 2030, save 110 billion hours through streamlined e-government, and save businesses up to $1.6 trillion. And for the estimated 1 billion people who have no official proof of identity (not to mention the 3.2 billion people unable to effectively use an identity on digital channels), collaborative and user-centric digital identity models guided by shared principles have the potential to be empowering...continue reading

By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity – Gartner


Sustainable Development: A Global Issue

Every day, new evidence emerges of humanity’s negative impact on the environment - and of growing inequality. Nearly a third of the global population lacks access to clean water, global warming is creating deadlier weather patterns, hundreds of millions of children are being deprived of access to education, and income inequality is on the rise as some 3.4 billion people are forced to live on less than $5.50 a day. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement provide an architecture for addressing these challenges, by fundamentally shifting the ways that societies produce, consume, and operate. Realizing related opportunities to pursue the Sustainable Development agenda, however, will require closer cooperation between the public and private sectors....continue reading

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Sustainable life long learning with The Third Space, a Project For Good


We are thrilled to announce that our social project - The Third Space, a project for good - positive transformation program and self-help guide book "Fostering The Wisdom of Resilience" has helped over 5,000 individuals across the globe. " Resilience has no borders, no race, no gender...we continue to commit in bringing the society closer, more inclusive and our pledge for positive well being, life long learning, sustainability which is in line with our vision and SDG goal 2030" For more information, please visit The Third Space

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Peace and Resilient

What makes some societies more peaceful, resilient, and capable of responding effectively to conflict and crisis than others? Though we are still searching for clear and convincing answers to this question, we do know that peace is more than simply the absence of violence - truly peaceful societies tend to have the necessary institutions, norms, and values in place to resolve problems in non-violent ways that are generally deemed fair. They are also marked by an absence of violent rhetoric in their public and political spheres, and are often able not only to bounce back from disasters like the COVID-19 pandemic, but to constructively adapt and transform in response.

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Corporate Governance, an Imperative for Business

Corporate governance should ensure decision-making in the best interests of all stakeholders - including customers, employees, regulators, local communities, and shareholders. This applies both during periods of relative stability, and during crises - when many organizations will be forced to confront how well they have or have not prepared from a corporate governance standpoint. Good governance relies on internal mechanisms like the structure of a board and incentives for management, and on external mechanisms such as institutions that demand accountability. All of these mechanisms are important, as they form the core of how (and for whom) corporations generate value. Ultimately, corporate governance can help deliver both economic gains and more inclusive societies. Read article

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Post-pandemic and staying ahead of competitors...what companies should do

A Resilient Organisation has the ability not only to anticipate disasters, weather difficulties, react to short-term obstacles and adjust to the unexpected disruptions but achieving positive results in attaining long term goals. It is a vital strategy for an organization to flourish in the contemporary dynamic me

Career Transformation

programs are designed to help you reimagine your career and find work that is both meaningful and financially rewarding.... read me

Two Men in Office

#GoDigital with World Forum Digital
Coronavirus unites the world

Covid-19: the 21st century plague or the opportunity for transformation? How to shift yourself from panic, scale up your business, and increase your investments in the pandemic time?

BI is honored to be invited as a guest speaker for the World Forum Digital held on 28 May 2020. Our Managing Partner spoke on what companies should do, how to embrace digital transformation and a resilient organization to stay ahead of your competitors...find out more

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