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Using Science to Thrive
Helping our clients to reach sustainability through Purposeful Business Strategies and Transformation,
Maximising the Economic Value of the Company

We integrate sustainability strategy with client’s existing strategic initiatives, assess and coordinate with an intelligent approach to deliver a long term sustainable value to the company, its stakeholders and maximising the economic value of the company. 

We partner and build bridges between academia, business, government and ecosystem partners, develop solutions to the world's greatest challenges and redefine corporate success based on purpose

Our expertise


  • ESG Advisory

  • Sustainability Integration Strategy

  • Integrated Sustainable Governance Model 

  • Green Economy Framework

  • Corporate Reporting & Disclosure

Helping issuers to bring Green, Social and Sustainability bonds to market


Helping issuers on the bond framework which is aligned to accepted market principles (e.g. the Green Bond Principles or the Green Loan Principles) and that the proceeds of the bond or loan, as set out in the framework, are aligned to market practices and expectations from the investment community. 

Green Bonds and Loans

Sustainability Bonds and Loans

Tropical Leaves

Acting as a Strategic Sustainability Adviser to a Malaysian real estate developer on "Green Sustainable Initiatives 2030"  

Land Mining

Acting as a Strategic Sustainable Adviser to an Indonesia Conglomerate 

City Lights

Acting as a Strategic Adviser for Smart City Development

Green Field

Strategic Advisor for Green Financing project 

BI participate in the UNGlobal Compact and supports the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption

UN Global Compact 


Since October 2020, BI Consulting Group has been committed and actively supports the UN Global Compact, a voluntary initiative based on company commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and to advance UN goals such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The philosophy advocated by the UNGC is in harmony with the philosophy and orientation of the BI Group as a global consulting services company. As we seek to evolve into a more global company, the BI Group will continue to develop, educate and implement international CSR guidelines that meet the standards of the world community based on the UNGC initiatives and will act in ways that help to achieve sustainable growth for society as a whole.

Global Issue: Sustainable Development

Every day, new evidence emerges of humanity’s negative impact on the environment - and of growing inequality. Nearly a third of the global population lacks access to clean water, global warming is creating deadlier weather patterns, hundreds of millions of children are being deprived of access to education, and income inequality is on the rise as some 3.4 billion people are forced to live on less than $5.50 a day. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement provide an architecture for addressing these challenges, by fundamentally shifting the ways that societies produce, consume, and operate. Realizing related opportunities to pursue the Sustainable Development agenda, however, will require closer cooperation between the public and private sectors.


Corporate Governance, an Imperative for Business

Corporate governance should ensure decision-making in the best interests of all stakeholders - including customers, employees, regulators, local communities, and shareholders. This applies both during periods of relative stability, and during crises - when many organizations will be forced to confront how well they have or have not prepared from a corporate governance standpoint. Good governance relies on internal mechanisms like the structure of a board and incentives for management, and on external mechanisms such as institutions that demand accountability. All of these mechanisms are important, as they form the core of how (and for whom) corporations generate value. Ultimately, corporate governance can help deliver both economic gains and more inclusive societies. Read article

Peace and Resilient

What makes some societies more peaceful, resilient, and capable of responding effectively to conflict and crisis than others? Though we are still searching for clear and convincing answers to this question, we do know that peace is more than simply the absence of violence - truly peaceful societies tend to have the necessary institutions, norms, and values in place to resolve problems in non-violent ways that are generally deemed fair. They are also marked by an absence of violent rhetoric in their public and political spheres, and are often able not only to bounce back from disasters like the COVID-19 pandemic, but to constructively adapt and transform in response.Read article

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