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Digitise - Modernise - Innovate - Automate

Create Your Digital Empire, transform your business into an intelligent, agile business of tomorrow.


Rapid Application Delivery for the Digital Enterprise

We combine high-code, low-code, and no-code to build enterprise apps without limits and fast.

Built for both the Power and Citizen Developer, BI GALVANIZER is a rapid application delivery platform that slows the agile enterprise to build, model, and deploy multi-experience apps.

Add custom code and extend the platform directly from VS code

Build apps using visual development tools and digital building blocks

Add Intelligence and automation to your apps with sophisticated AI

Create a digital factory between Power and Citizen Developers

Easily integrate with any existing, new or legacy systems and devices

Hassle-free application development and delivery in the cloud

Manage your content with content services

Connect and manage IOT devices

Instant one-click deployment

Create multi-experience apps

Enterprise-grade secure applications

Map processes using BPMN and DMN

Multi Experience Apps

Visual Development

Continuous Development

Process Engine

Content Engine

Artificial Intelligence

By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity – Gartner

App Delivery

Fast, Flexible, Enterprise-Grade

Build apps 10x faster than traditional software development

Use a combination of custom code, model-driven development, pre-built digital assets, and continuous deployment to ensure fast app delivery

Ensure all apps delivered are enterprise-grade quality

Get IT and Business aligned to ensure faster app delivery

Create Engaging Customer Experiences

Use our large repository of prebuilt UI building blocks to rapidly design UI, as well as test and refine customer journeys

Create stunning user experiences with pixel perfect design

Use our prebuilt widgets, page templates, and professional themes to enforce UI design patterns

Create multi-experience apps across digital touchpoints

Create fit-for-purpose customer experiences based on digital touchpoints

Ensure your apps have a consistent user experience across web, mobile, wearable, conversational, and immersive touchpoints

Clear your IT backlog

Streamline and speed up your evelopment and delivery process and achieve substantial reduction of the IT backlog


Do more with less by increasing the capacity of your development team through enabling your Citizen Developers to build apps


Allow your Power Developers to focus on strategic projects and your Citizen Developers to focus on clearing the IT backlog

Modernise, Refresh, Reinvent

Bring your legacy systems back under IT’s control by ensuring that you can quickly change and deploy new apps and functionality on top of these systems


Add a modern, flexible digital layer on top of your legacy systems to modernize, refresh, and reinvent them

Repurpose, Reuse, and Maintain your Enterprise’s Digital Assets

BI GALVANIZER provides a framework to ensure that every IP component developed becomes a reusable and maintainable component with the platform

The reusability of components ensures advantages in speed of delivery

Innovate, Prototype, Refine

Increase your competitive advantage by enhancing your ability to create multiple prototypes quickly and cost-effectively

The platform provides the ideal framework within which to test and refine concepts, to ensure faster time to market

Expand your Enterprise’s Internal Talent Pool

The platforms model-driven development tools ensure that Citizen Developers are enabled to build enterprise-grade apps, with limited support from Power Developers


Build Anything, Anytime with Ease and Speed

Enable your Power Developers

Enabled your power developers, by lowering the learning curve, by allowing them to code in an IDE that they are familiar with and love, VS code

The BI VS Code plug-in allows Power developers to extend the platform by creating further UI and microservice plu-ins

Legacy App Modernisation

Refresh, rebuild, rearchitect your legacy apps and bring them back under the control of IT

Operational Apps

Get more work done through automation, and manage your operations using our case management framework

Customer Engagement Apps

Create engaging customer experiences with pixel perfect design

Innovation Apps

Turn business ideas into prototypes, test and refine

Multi-Experience Apps

Create a consistent user experience across all digital touchpoint by building multi-experience apps

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