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BI Quantum Security

Safe Solutions

Our ultimate security safe solutions use quantum-safe technology, quantum random number generator and quantum sensing helps to integrate and safeguard networks, data at rest and in transit, public key infrastructure (PKI) and its environment. The technology is immutable and it is embedded with enhanced trusted security components such as unclonable functions, real-time, and tamper detection. Most importantly, it is resilient to new attack algorithms, upcoming quantum computers and it easily interfaces with link encryptors. It also improved operating efficiency by 10x and reduced Capex and Opex costs by 30%, above all, our solutions are easily deployed without having to assemble a quantum team.

"Our Quantum products have been around for more than 20 years and we have recently launched the fourth generation QKD system. Our solutions have been well received by innovators from the fortune 500 clients, financial, insurance, telecommunications, chips makers, supply chain, the energy just to name some. One of the world’s leading phone makers is using our quantum chip for their next-generation mobile phone.”

Our Experience 
Image by Etienne Martin
Central Bank and Global Leading Banks

•Using our solutions to generation platform to produce authenticated validated digital tokens with assigned monetary value for development of digital fiat currency.

•Integrated our solutions for their ‘Digital Banking” platform

•Integrated our solutions to their current encryption solutions to strengthen security and stability to their IT infrastructure

•Digital Asset Custody

World's leading Insurance firm

•Using our solutions as an added protection on their data storage

•Integrating our solutions to their current encryption solutions to strengthen security and stability to their IT infrastructure

Image by Sean Pollock
Government Building

•Using our solutions to strengthen security and stability as well as increase efficiency of the operation and budget of national institutions, Asia’s leading innovator uses our solution  to protect major areas of public on a section of up to 2000 km which constitute the largest operational QKD network in the world outside of China. The solution runs across a communication network of 48 government organizations, including the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Education and local governments.


•World’s first mobile phone using our quantum chip

•To secure ‘pay’ services and use as ‘Identification’ services

•Securing network, 5G  and cloud infrastructure

Mobile Phone

•Securing their data and IT network using our solutions
•Integrating our solutions for medical device

3D Scans
Logistics and Supply Chain

•Integrating our solutions in securing their data, network and infrastructure 

•To secure ‘pay’ services and use as ‘Identification’ services

Image by Susan Q Yin

•Integrating our solutions in securing data and using our solutions as 'identification' services

Rethinking Risk Management and Cybersecurity Strategy in a Post Quantum Era with Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewicz

Embracing the use of quantum technologies for cybersecurity and risk management ecosystem, could set organizations ahead of their competitors and also, providing a risk and security safe environment.

“Our solutions has been Rated as one of the global top leading Cyber Enterprise Solutions and used by world’s leading innovative companies and government agencies – The Quantum Security Safe solutions offered by BI Consulting Group comprises of the latest fourth-generation QKD and world’s leading experts from the field of cyber security, digital transformation, quantum physics with over 30 years experience.” – The Ritz Herald.


South Africa to Embrace Quantum Safe Technology for Its Digital and Cyber Security Acceleration with Corne Engelbrecht

South Africa has been regarded as one of the most accomplished countries in the Africa continent in maintaining its economic growth. With the dawn of the 21st century, the country has remodeled its economy to be inclusive and diverse simultaneously: from 2001 – 2010, the country’s economy grew 3.6% per annum and the per capita income spiked around 2.2% per year. Despite the covid pandemic, the economic growth is projected to rebound to 2.4% in 2022

With the growing of cyberthreats, South Africa is no exception, and its digital and critical infrastructure remains vulnerable to cyber threats. Cyber campaigns launched on these businesses include ransomware and denial-of-service attack with a motive to extract money in return for encryption codes. The cyber threat surface and vulnerabilities in South Africa remain high as IoT-based technologies increase with cyber security policy remains absent from the whole scenario.​

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