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Organisational Design and Operating Model

In today’s complex environment, businesses are facing more uncertainties, and organisations are looking at ways to enhance overall business performance, to stay resilient and ahead of competitors. 


So “what” are your strategies and “how” are you going to improve your business performances?

1. Do you have a proactive approach – are you willing and prepared to adapt before being forced to do so?
2. Does your organisation have a dynamic leadership – do you have support from the top of organization to disseminate the process, from the CEO down?
3. Are you well-positioned to be responsive to change – are you listening to the market and industry needs?
4. Does your organisation has a strong corporate culture – do you have an inclusive culture, where all views, no matter at what level, are taken into consideration.
5. Is your team keeping focused – is there a clear vision, purpose, and identity?
6. What are your long-term, strategic views – how are you planning to avoid solely responding to short-term financial gain and immediate cost pressure?


At BI, we help you design an effective and efficient agile integrated organisational framework and operating model, resilient culture that unlocks the full potential of your people so that they can execute your strategy in the most efficient way to achieve your objectives. Our key mission is to help you break down silos, create sustainable positive value, fostering behavioral change to maximise your profit within shortest time frame 


Our framework includes

Strategy Consulting

Capabilities Navigation

Integrated Agile Processes

Agile Enterprise Structure

Human Capital Building


Areas which we can assist

Resilient Strategy

Change Management

Culture and People

Business Continuity Planning

Risk Assessment 

Leadership Coaching and Development

Succession Planning

Talent Acquisition and Management

Culture & Ethics

Operations Management

Employee Advocacy Program

Brand Advocacy Program

Reputation Management

Resilience & Psychological Well-being Program

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