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  • E-Governance &

    Digital Identity 

    Protect Your Asset with Our 

    NextGen Distributed Ledger Technology

    Award-winning Identity Verification Technology

    Prevent Identity Fraud 

    Protect Data Sovereignty

    Eliminate Security Vulnerabilities   

    Regulatory Compliance 

    Seamless Authentication 

    No DDoS Attack


    Improve Operational efficiency 


    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Scaling identity verification using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Behavioral Biometrics

    Adaptive Authentication for a personalized and convenient user experience

    Distributed Ledger

    Securing the future of Identity Authentication with Distributed Ledger

    Face-Based Biometrics

    NextGen facial recognition for higher accuracy and security

    Liveness Detection

    Put an end to face biometric spoofing with liveness detection feature

    Optical Character Recognition

    Improving the identity management system using OCR

    Palm Based BioMetrics

    Providing a personalized, advanced, and more secure touch to the traditional authentication system

    Passwordless Authentication

    Creating a world without passwords and a future without data breaches

    Zero-Knowledge Proofs

    Revolutionizing the way data is collected, used, and transacted with

  • BI Integrated Artificial Intelligence Platform

    BI AI Platform is a state of the art, fully integrated technology stack. Driven by agile development, machine learning, and data intelligence, designed to seamlessly automate business processes.

    The outcome is an agile, AI, automated future proof enterprise

    Our Platform Technology


    Computer Vision

    Computer vision is a multipurpose technology utilizing computational processing to ascertain an understanding of source documentation and images. The solution allows organisations to reduce effort and increase the quality and efficiency ratios. The solution is automated with AI inherently built in.


    Intelligent Native and OCR Extraction

    Our next generation OCR technology is a several layered level tool, beyond a mere OCR cleaning-scan on input tool. We have built a learning and neural network tool, which incorporated AI learning algorithms. In essence the tool uses this intelligence to constantly achieve increased performance, without human manual intervention.


    Natural Language Processing

    NLP is an interdisciplinary area that deals with how computers interpret human language whilst ensuring he context of the language is also correctly understood. Our NLP algorithms help automate structured and unstructured data sources, the processing of natural language data such as documents, emails, chats, etc.


    Predictive, Text, and Behavioural Analytics

    Our text analytics, AI, based on the process known as text mining, provides analytics on text entry mechanics, and based on these factors provides predictive analytical modelling. Text Mining is a best practice tool allowing very precise behavioural pattern recognition.

  • BI Digital Banking

    Modular – Modern – Engaging – Agile

    The BI Digital Banking Operating System is a highly customizable multi-experience digital banking operating system which can be de deployed on top of any core banking system.

    Digital Banking Revolutionised

    Seamless Retail Banking

    Intelligent KYC and AML

    Payments and Clearing

    No More Banking Silos

    Out-of-the box UX kits

    Modular Banking system

    Engaging USre Experiences

    Agile and Configurable

    Digital Branch and Operations

    Onboarding and Origination

    Short Time to Market

    Business and SME banking


    All the tools in ONE Platform to Digitally Transform your bank

    Digital Signatures

    Decision and Rules Engine

    Facial Print Capture and Verification

    Fingerprint Capture and verification

    Easy Web and Mobile App Builder

    Intelligent Document Recognition


    Analytics Engine

    BPM Engine

    Content Services

    Case Management

    Documents Generation


    Digitise - Modernise -Innovate - Automate

    Create Your Digital Empire, transform your business into an intelligent, agile business of tomorrow

    Rapid Application Delivery for the Digital Enterprise

    We combine high-code, low-code, and no-code to build enterprise apps without limits, fast.

    Built for both the Power and Citizen Developer, BI Galvanizer is a rapid application delivery platform that slows the agile enterprise to build, model, and deploy multi-experience apps.

    By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity – Gartner

    Repurpose, Reuse, and Maintain your Enterprise’s Digital Assets

    BI GALVANIZER provides a framework to ensure that every IP component developed becomes a reusable and maintainable component with the platform

    The reusability of components ensures advantages in speed of delivery


    Innovate, Prototype, Refine

    Enable your Power Developers

    Expand your Enterprise’s Internal Talent Pool

    Build Anything, Anytime with Ease and Speed


    Legacy App Modernisation

    Operational Apps

    Customer Engagement Apps

    Innovation Apps

    Multi-Experience Apps


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