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Change isn’t just constant, it’s accelerating—in frequency and its disruption factor. Our ORA (Outcome Results Approach) is a holistic vertical and horizontal model, across the business as a whole and integrated with IT delivery.

Our approach is a cohesive model where we leverage expertise with state-of-the-art diagnostic and analytic tools. We devise intensive training solutions that are then automated into your organisation. Our one time set up approach allows you to use this in an interactive, automotive model that’s re-usable, in a modular based approach.

Our ORA model consists of the following

The ORI the Outcome Results Indicator, a fast and effective tool the produces heat map-based view of your company status against the industry. The most successful organizations have a higher aptitude for delivering transformational change, which lead to business success.

Delivery Office, our unique approach to the efficient orchestration of your change initiatives, which accelerates delivery in your organisation. The Delivery office is a specific team of consultants that have industry experience in actual organisational change. The outcome is a precise, capability delivery model based on the following key factors-

·      Resource

·      Scope

·      Schedule 

·      Cost

CVA-Change View Analytics, an integrated combination of advanced analytics and external data for proactively monitoring the progress of your change initiatives and in real time provides the ability to measure the rate of change and the RoCR .Rate of Change Rating, a strong KPI based indicator. 

Our B.I. Analytics dashboard allows you to tailor the approach with a What if Scenario tool. This based on key input data provides a real-world potential solution model.

We are data driven, business integrated and people centric providing you real industry solutions tailored to your organisation.

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