Cyber Security

The BI Group Cyber Security model and our CMMI based framework provides a realistic Cyber Security  roadmap to tackle enterprise challenges, transform organisations, achieve the vision whilst optimising performance and productivity. We leverage our teams extensive experience in the full OSI Stack Cybersecurity end to end program delivery. With a detailed service catalogue offering, from Cyber consultancy, program delivery, Cyber reviews, IAC (Information asset classification), ITSM set up, Security into the cloud services, SOC, SIEM, CERT reviews and ISO 2700X, 27017, NIST-800 reviews. We provision SaaS, service-based approach, allowing companies to devise POC, and utilize a modular based approach.


The BI Group Cyber baseline and assessment using our in house CSMS(Cyber Security Maturity Status), assessment, will guide your organisation through its Cyber journey.


The 1 to 5, baseline guide, consist of 33 key elements.


Data Loss protection

Third party Risk Management

Cyber Culture

Data Privacy

Access Control

Cloud Security, (On prem, Private and Hybrid)



Cyber risk control

Cyber policies

Current and target operating model

SSDLC, Secure Software Development Life Cycle

Asset Management and control

Malware protection

End point protection

IAC, Information Asset Classification

PEN testing and baseline

Total thread landscape score

Business readiness and resilience

Third party Risk Management

System level security

Network Security (LAN, WAN , VPC).


Core Firewalls, (hardware and software based)

Patch Management

CMDB, Security of at rest data

Administration and BAU operations state




ISMS (Information Security Management Systems)

GCR-Governance, Risk and Compliance


Areas which we can assist

AI BlockChain solutions for Financial, Ecommerce, Health, Insurance, Crypto Currencies, transactional secure systems.

Kafka Blockchain Implementation

Cyber Security Strategy

Cyber Security program Delivery

Cyber CMMI, CSMS, organisational baseline

Cyber Security Workshops

Third party Risk Management

ISMS-Information Security Management Systems

GRC-Governance Risk and Compliance

IAM-Identity Access Management

PAM-Privileged Access Management

Fraud Analytics

CISA based audits

Enterprise Risk Management

Data Centre Transformation (Legacy to the cloud), with Caas(Cyber as a Service)

Could Transformation, with full Cyber Service stack

Digital Transformation, for the full OSI Stack)(each layer with Cyber based Caas(Cyber as a Service)

GCR-Governance, Risk and Compliance


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