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Cybersecurity should be a constant item on the agendas of CEOs and the boards.

Cybersecurity is now a business mission critical imperative, traversing the entire organisational landscape.


Management must engage in an ongoing dialogue to ensure their

Cybersecurity Strategy continually evolves.

BI AI Security Platform with NextGen Blockchain Technology
Mitigate Fraud, Protect Data Sovereignty 
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Cybersecurity is now a business mission critical imperative traversing the entire organisational landscape


Cyber Security an Imperative in the Age of Digital Transformation


With the growth of the cyberthreat landscape, conventional cybersecurity approaches are inadequate to protect your data sovereignty.

Security Strategy on Governance, Risk & Compliance Management

Cyber Baseline and Cyber Security Maturity Status (CSMS)

Cyber Security program Delivery

Cyber Security Workshops

Third Party Risk Management

ISMS-Information Security Management Systems

IAM-Identity Access Management

PAM-Privileged Access Management

Fraud Analytics

CISA based audits

Enterprise Risk Management

Data Centre Transformation (Legacy to the cloud), with Caas(Cyber as a Service)

Cloud Transformation, with full Cyber Service stack

Digital Transformation, for the full OSI Stack)(each layer with Cyber based Caas(Cyber as a Service)

Policy Framework

Cyber Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance

Cyber Security Culture

Security Insights

Security Asset Data Protection 

Security Data Encryption 

Security Verify Privileged

Identity and Access Management Services

Threat Intelligent & Management Services

Security Incident Response 

Anti-Money Laundering