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Using Science to Thrive
Solving Global Challenges and Improve lives
Build Markets
Drives Innovation
Strengthens Supply Chains
Increase Profitability
Enchance Psychology wellness
Promote Work Life Balance
BI partners and builds bridges between academia, action, business, government, and help identify problems
design, integrate 
Integrating sustainability into core strategy, systems and processes
build a more sustainable and inclusive economies and societies towards a more resilient and prosperous world
DEfine Priorities, Set Goals, Identify Pathways and Actions, Define sub goals, Performance Metrics, BUsiness Processes, System Opportunities, Key design  decisions
Business integration, Business System design, 
DEvelope solutions to the world's greatest challenges
redefine corporate sucess based on purpose and with a broader view of stalkholders
transform to more human centric leadership model 
Key to achieving the SDGs is behaving and operating in a principled manner. Building a resilient and sustainable business in an age of exponential change requires alignment with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. Derived from UN Declarations and Conventions, these universal principles represent the fundamental values that business should embed in their daily strategies and operations. Without these foundational elements anchoring our approach to the SDGs, we risk undermining progress and putting people at risk.
between urban problems and solutions.Among its signature programs are AcceliCITY- among the largest, most prestigious smart and resilient city solutions focused competitions- and AcceliGOV—a competition of cities vying for globally sourced, expert-vetted, pre-paid pilot projects.

TPMO aims to implement an eco-system to combine industry and government resources to develop smart solutions that can satisfy public demands. Since TPMO was established in 2016, Dr. Lee has vigorously led the team to assist Taipei City Government with diverse Smart City projects, including Top-down policy and bottom-up POC (Proof of Concept) projects.

With long-term observation on smart city industry, Dr. Lee is considered one of the experts that able to provide professional analysis and strategic advice service to both smart city and ICT industry development.

sing innovation to accelerate sustainability commitments that create measurable value for business, society and our planet

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