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Marek Boguszewicz

Marek Boguszewicz is a senior technology executive with 25 plus years of experience in the Technology-Finance and Transformation area. With a core skill set is around consultancy, risk, digital transformation, in the Cyber Security-risk consultancy space.

With a background in computer science he has an extensive background in delivering major transformation programs for blue chip companies. This area of expertise spans investment banking, private banking, and insurance companies. He also has operated in the consultancy space for several years internally and externally as a lead consultant.

His core skill set is around mapping out the existing environment, planning and implanting solutions that map directly to business requirements. Having a background initially in the city of London, he has delivered programs in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Greater China, Korea, Taiwan, Laos, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Key Achievements

  • Managed portfolios 500 million euro and above, in enterprise FSI and Insurance space.

  • Managed major legacy to cloud solutions, with over 40 data center build completed.

  • Executed global security programs, with a total value of 500 million Euro.

  • Managed programs with full risk and Information security life cycle in an agile approach.

  • Delivered Global information security data protection programs.

  • Managed Cyber Security programs spanning 30 countries from an enterprise level.

  • Delivered bottom line revenue value with complex financial models.

  • Devised Risk and regulatory frameworks mapped to business requirements.

  • CSMR -managed cyber and security assessment programs in over 20 countries across multiple

  • Major projects delivered such as Reuters Triarch to RMDS as well as DMA algorithmic set up.

  • SGX derivatives Quest engine front to back office execution project, including extensive work with the local regulator the MAS in Singapore and HKMA in Hong Kong.

  • Exchange projects on the LSE LIFFE Connect, SGX, HKFE, HKSE, TOPIX, SFE, CBOE, CME, NY, NASDAQ and Chicago stock exchange.

Risk advisory with Cyber Security

  • Working with risk advisory teams and global compliance on German and European regulators.

  • Implemented ISO 31000, ISO 27001, ISO 27005, ISPL4 frameworks and standards

  • Defined risk advisory stream that was an overarching framework int eh entire program.

  • Working with regulators in Singapore -MAS, as well as all Local European regulators in Poland, France, Austria, Honk Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Risk solutions based around the Risk and regulatory wheel.

  • CMSR and CMMI- managed risk and maturity re


  • Set up from ground level PMOs for major organizations.

  • Build out of PMO modeling around resource capability.

  •  Using methodologies such as PMI, PMBOK, SIX SIGMA, and PRINCE II.

  • Having well over a decade in managing over 1000 resources in this time frame.

  • Defining the PMO cube organization with services delivery.

  • Set up tool sets such as JIRA, Confluence, Clarity, Portfolio for JIRA.

  • Initiated methodologies such s COBIT 5, 2019, Scrum, agile SIX Sigma, PMI-PMBO , PRINCE II , P3o.


Areas of Expertise

  • Digital Transformation

  • Risk and regulatory transformation

  • Infrastructure transformation

  • Cyber Security Transformation

  • PMO set up services

  • Current Transformation organization evaluation

  • Security transformation 

  • Core strength in Digital transformation and Program delivery coupled with strong tie into business and PMO based delivery.

  • Bringing a holistic approach across several core disciplines in delivering a process, business aligned analytics model. 

  • Delivered global business transformation programs, at international FSI in the cyber security, risk, infrastructure areas, with major consulting partners in global lead positions. 

  • Built extensive roadmaps, with solution blueprints aligned to business models, utilizing methodologies such as SAFE, Scrum, SIX SIGM agile, PMI-PMBOK, PRINCE II and P3o.


Marek Boguszewicz has the capability to translate the business journey and IT requirements into a holistic based approach and integrating the verticals into a clear solution-based roadmap in digital and business transformation.

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