Digital transformation, Concept of digit

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in organisations requires a culture shift from legacy thinking, process , and legacy landscape state. Resistance to change is a clear and well understood issue within organisations. A C level top down transformation culture is one aspect of where organisations fail to achieve traction in the initial stages of the transformation journey.

Culture, people and process, are the cornerstones of our transformation pyramid. This concept involves our consultants tailoring, six sigma, Cobit 5, PMBOK, prince  II, scrum, agile, or hybrid methodologies.

Our  model is based on six fundamentals of transformation, PDSCEE.

  • Plan

  • Devise

  • Setup

  • Communicate

  • Engage

  • Execute


Engagement with C level and setting up a transformation office, are fundamental prerequisites to the transformation journey. BI utilises well-structured transformation frameworks such and the PERT and CPM models.

The activity network diagram has had a relatively long history, dating back to the 1930s. In the 1950s, the technique emerged as the Program Evaluation Research Technique (PERT) and as the Critical Path Method (CPM). There are several ways to represent the output of the PERT/CPM process
















Our clients include insurance, banking, consumers and telecommunications