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BI Integrated Artificial Intelligence Platform 

BI AI Platform is a state of the art, fully integrated technology stack. Driven by agile development, machine learning, and data intelligence, designed to seamlessly automate business processes. The outcome is an Agile, AI, Automated future proof enterprise.

Intelligent Document Processing

Eliminate Manual Data Capture and multiple silo information capture systems. An overarching business and technology framework, for extracting and understanding data from unstructured data sources: documents, Video, and images across the entire enterprise.

Intelligent ID Capture

Intelligent, Web secure ID capture for your web-based or mobile applications. Cross-platform Seamless, real-time ID capture-extraction of any ID based source, across the entire worldwide landscape

Mobile Document Capture

Add intelligent document capture into your mobile, tablet or web-based app. BI Intelligent Document Capture utilises several AI capture technologies. The result is state of the art integrated capture with flawless upload into your end state application/destination.

Intelligent Digital Onboarding

Identity validation application-based tools, such as smartphone cameras, tablets, pc cameras etc.

BI Identity performs live validation, of the person undertaking the transaction by a state-of-the-art matching engine. The multi-input-based AI algorithm uses several input solutions in a seamless, integrated, secure Digital Onboarding process.

Identification Simplification

BI’s Digital ID solution provides instant ID capture, extraction, and AI Verification with highly calibrated OCR and IDR. An integrated solution set allows several layered MFA.  This at source AI ID MFA comprises off digital signature, location, Address, coupled with OTP verified contact information.  Additional biometrics such as life-based proof and fingerprint pattern recognition provide the final step in AI based Identification process.


Computer Vision

Computer vision is a multipurpose technology utilising computational processing to ascertain an understanding of source documentation and images. The solution allows organisations to reduce effort and increase the quality and efficiency ratios. The solution is automated with AI inherently built in.

Intelligent Native and OCR Extraction

Our next generation OCR technology is a several layered level tool, beyond a mere OCR cleaning-scan on input tool. We have built a learning and neural network tool, which incorporated AI learning algorithms. In essence the tool uses this intelligence to constantly achieve increased performance, without human manual intervention.

Natural Language Processing

NLP is an interdisciplinary area that deals with how computers interpret human language whilst ensuring the context of the language is also correctly understood. Our NLP algorithms help automate structured and unstructured data sources, the processing of natural language data such as documents, emails, chats, etc.

Predictive, Text, and Behavioural Analytics

Our text analytics, AI, based on the process known as text mining, provides analytics on text entry mechanics, and based on these factors provides predictive analytical modelling. Text Mining is a best practice tool allowing very precise behavioural pattern recognition.

More companies and leaders understand the strategic benefits of adopting lean and agility... By adopting Agile methods, its increased speed to market, giving companies an advantage over the competition when it comes to innovation and ability to flex to the rapidly changing macro-external environment 

Digitalize and Automate your Operations using AI

Increase Efficiency,

Cost Reduction

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